As a young actor, today wasn't just another headshot session but an opportunity for me to express to someone who I want to be as an actor and what I want out of my career. 

-David Castillo




WOW you are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! You made me feel so comfortable and BEAUTIFUL! I'm actually just so astounded that this is actually me. You're such a beautiful person and so talented.

- Chinara Stroman


I am currently working with two agencies, and one of them brought me into their offices in the spring to discuss representation based on my headshot! They loved it and now I am doing commercial work with them. 

- Gabby Campos





I updated my one on one account last week with your photos. The next day I got called into MSA models, through One-on-One, to talk about representation....and I just signed a freelance contract with them! 

So thanks for the amazing new headshots, they literally just got representation! 

-James Hesse 


Even using unretouched versions, I got a commercial audition, and more recently, a serious boyfriend! Not using an app though.

-Carolyn De Melo 


In a situation that can easily foster a kind of extreme self-consciousness, you created a room where I could feel relaxed (and even have fun)! Thank you for your relentless positivity and expert direction. I felt like I learned so much. 

-Marina Morrissey


Whenever I would submit for auditions in the past, I always saw my headshots as an added obstacle. But now I finally feel like I have something that will actually help me. I can't thank you guys enough.

P.S I binge-watched queer eye and am fully obsessed #struggstofunc  

-Madeline Smith 



I am absolutely FLOORED. The shots are versatile and marketable and I see my true self in them. During the shoot, you both put me immediately at ease in a process that for me is usually nerve-wracking and filled with self-doubt. I can't thank you both enough!

- Hannah Daly



I had a blast working with you and Caroline, and in particular I appreciated your energy, enthusiasm and encouragement! You really helped to ameliorate any anxiety I might have had about new headshots. 

-Alex Korman


With exemplary communication skills and kindness, Jessica is a delight to shoot with. Her obvious talent is second only to her charm & utterly inspirational energy.

I've rarely felt so comfortable in a shoot. 

- Tyler Jane

Jessica's lecture was so, so important for our students to hear. On top of her photography expertise, Jess utilizes her integral knowledge of how headshots are used on either side of the casting table to explain the headshot as a marketing tool. She gave advice about how to get the most useful headshots in a single session, what information to communicate to the photographer, and what to wear (among many, other topics). Students walked away from the lecture with a much more well-rounded understanding of how to take and use their headshots, and how their headshots will be used throughout their careers. I would recommend any actor or photographer speak with Jessica, and we will without a doubt be inviting her back again next year. --Sarah Workshop Coordinator for Muhlenberg's Theatre Association



I am so happy about these shots and I learned a lot about myself in the process. I feel confident and proud of these and I cannot wait to book with them!

I'm also thinking about next time - surely you will be first on my list. 

-Arabelle Luke