Headshots & Portraiture 📷  


Basic Session:


  • 45 minutes - 1 hour shoot time
  • Studio Shoot
  • 1-2 Looks

This short session is designed for the actor who knows exactly what they need out of their headshot. It's best for those who are familiar with the headshot process and need to update an existing portfolio with a look or two.




 Premium Session:


  • 2 hours shoot time
  • Studio AND/OR Outdoor Shooting (weather permitting) 
  • 3-4 Looks
  • 2 Retouched Images

This package feels unhurried and gives us the opportunity to explore an array of looks and styles. There will be time to experiment with different backgrounds & lighting set-ups to create different atmospheres, which will translate to variety and creative range. 

Ultimate Session:


  • Up to 3 Hours Shoot Time
  • Studio AND/OR Outdoor Shooting (weather permitting)
  • Option for Lifestyle / Personal Branding / Website Shots
  • 3 Retouched Images  


 This package is perfect for maximizing your headshot looks with the option to combine both headshots and branding shots in one session. If you are looking to create content for a website, promotional material, or social media, we can use the time to explore images that go beyond the headshot and let your personality shine through. If you have any specific goals, let me know, and we'll brainstorm ways to get your ideas captured.


Discounts: 💸 

If you're a... 

  • Student*  - take 10% off Premium or Ultimate Packages - 
  • Returning Client - take 20% off any session

*Must be a current student at a university or college & valid ID is required



Makeup: 💄 

            Makeup is not required, but is highly encouraged

 Makeup on camera is different than your every day application and is applied specifically for my lighting setup. We encourage an open dialogue throughout this process to make you feel involved and as comfortable as possible. When your headshot is the deciding factor between you and someone else, it can be carefully scrutinized by casting – you will want them to be looking at the absolute best version of you as possible. The artist will stick around throughout the entire session for touch ups and adjustments. They act as a second pair of eyes for me so all we have to focus on is your connection with the camera. We will often add makeup as we go for variety and age range. Every makeup package includes a complimentary wardrobe and styling consultation before the shoot.

Men: Unless you have perfect skin, I always recommend having a makeup artist on set. If you have problematic skin, discoloration, or are planning on shaving halfway through, this is something you should consider. Makeup will even out the complexion and help erase any spots, darkness under the eyes, or redness and will make your headshot look more "awake." Most men will get red and blotchy after a shave, so we will always reapply to even out the skin tone. Makeup artists will help with wardrobe and style/maintain hair throughout.


Just Makeup

 Please arrive with your hair styled the way you would normally wear it to an important audition and how you would like it to appear on camera. The makeup artist will help smooth over any fly-aways and will help maintain hair, based on how it looks when you arrive, so you are responsible for the style and texture. 

** Prices for makeup correspond to session length.  For instance, if you are considering a Premium Headshot Package, you would pay for the Premium Session makeup price. 

  • Basic Session:      $150       (Men: $120)
  • Premium Session: $180      (Men: $150)
  • Ultimate Session: $210       (Men: $180)

Makeup + Hair

Applies only in tandem with makeup services and is highly recommended.

Hair: With the hair add-on, the makeup artist will be more hands on with hair styling throughout. If you audition with more than one style or texture (curly/wavy, straight, etc) and want to achieve both looks at the session, we are happy to provide an additional look. If you don’t need to change the style halfway through, but want help achieving a certain look at the beginning of the session, this would be a good option to consider. Hair changes can translate to different age ranges and roles.

  • Basic Session:        $200
  • Premium Session:  $230
  • Ultimate Session:   $260


Timeframe: ⌚️ 

We have options for different methods of photo delivery that you can choose from. All final photos from our shoot will be uploaded to a private gallery where you can share your images, choose your favorites, and download in high resolution preferences. 

Standard Delivery:        $0.00                                                

  • All Sessions: 2 weeks

Rush Delivery:               $90.00

  • All Sessions: 3 days (weekends included)

Sprint Delivery:            $140.00

  • All Sessions: 24 hours 







Terms of Payment + Cancellation Policy:

A deposit of $150.00 is required to book a session and is non-refundable.  If for some reason you need to change your scheduled time or date, you may do so within 6 days prior to your shoot day, and your deposit will be transferred. You  may only transfer the deposit once. Cancellations made after the allotted time will require a new deposit in order to book.


For more general info on the session, check out my FAQ page!