It’s one thing to make a picture of what a person looks like, it’s another thing to make a portrait of who they are.
— Paul Caponigro

My Story:
In 2010, I was given free tickets to Wicked, befriended a woman sitting beside me, and eventually took over her job as an intern at an NYC networking and casting agency.  I quickly became fascinated in the hundreds of headshots laid out upon the casting table.  As I sat through session after session, recording hundreds of yes, no, and maybe piles, I grew attuned to which images could hold the panel's attention and which images did not.

A thing I learned: A picture of your face matters. Your headshot is truly your first line of defense in the big, bad world of auditions!  My goal is to get your foot in the door, by creating headshots that are eye catching, unique, and tell your story. To do this, I’ve honed my technique by working with many prominent photographers in New York City . Most recently, I’ve had the pleasure of studying with Peter Hurley, as well as working alongside him in various shoots and as a member of his Headshotcrew photography network. 

The Headshot Approach:
First, some tablework.  We'll talk about your goals as an artist and then we make a plan to get you what you need. 
Second, we loosen up and shoot.  I want you to feel relaxed, vulnerable, silly, and confident all at the same time. You may feel like a crazy person! But don’t worry, this feeling is normal and exciting. Truly, the best headshots I’ve ever taken have been the result of spontaneity, and I’ll be there to capture every moment. But most importantly, I want you to look like YOU in all your photos.  
Third, you choose.  My job doesn’t end at the end of the shoot.  I comb through the hundreds of photos we take and help give you the best selection from your session. I’ll always let you know my favorites as well.

Overall Consensus: 
A strong image is achieved through collaboration, spontaneity, and trust between the photographer and the subject. 

The Fine Print: 
Headshots should be exciting, so let's create something exciting! 


Pleasure to have worked with:                                   
Merril Lynch
New York Times
New York Times Magazine
Opera America
Paramount Pictures Inc.


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Gotham City Cheerleaders
Labella Salon
Westhill Family Dental
New Georges
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