How can I book a session? 

Email me! I will provide you with a full breakdown of current packages and preferences. In order to provide you with availability, I will need to know what package you are most interested in and whether or not you want to work with a makeup artist. Once we find a day that works for you, your deposit of $150 will lock in the time and date that we have chosen based on availability.

Due to high demand, time slots cannot be reserved before receiving the deposit.  


What should I wear? 

Once you book a session, I will send you clothing suggestions, a few "homework" questions, and a little blurb on how to prepare and what to expect. 


What do you mean "homework questions"?

Don't worry, it's optional. Before we shoot, I like to do a bit of table work based on the homework questions I send you before we shoot. I like to talk about what you need out of the session and how to capture specific looks that will tell an agent who you are and what you're capable of. 


What's a "look"?

A look usually implies changing your shirt, the background/atmosphere, and potentially your hair and makeup. Each look will showcase different types or sides of yourself. 


When will I get my photos? 

My standard delivery is 2 weeks. There are options to Rush this on my pricing page. Retouching takes an additional 1-2 week turn around time.


I have an audition in a few days. Can I get my photos and/or retouched images right away? 

Yep. I have options for expediting and rush delivery for an additional price - just let me know and l'll tell you how we can make it happen. All delivery options are listed in my current pricing sheet. 


Can I have all the photos, un-retouched? 

Unlike other photographers, I release all the best, un-retouched, and downloadable images in high-res jpegs and website sizes. However, I don't recommend using any un-retouched photos for professional use or promotion of your brand. I offer free retouches in some of my packages. You can pay an additional amount if you'd like to get any photos retouched, beyond what is included in your package. 


Why are headshots expensive? 

Because a quality headshot can change your career. You want to be working with a photographer who knows the industry and will provide several coaching techniques to get you a versatile, professional and eye catching headshot. 

It takes hours after the shoot to comb through your session to provide you with only the best photos that are color corrected, backed up, and downloaded to your own website. This stuff takes time! I only want you to walk away with the very best. 


Do I have to work with a professional makeup artist? 

When it comes down to it, makeup is not required but I can't stress how beneficial it is. If you are already investing in headshots, having a makeup artist on set can only enhance the final product. The makeup you apply in your every day life is not makeup for headshot lighting and translates very differently under these conditions. Makeup artists act as a second pair of eyes throughout the entire session, making sure your hair/clothing stays in place and your makeup looking bright and fresh. They'll often catch something before I do, and they will make small adjustments throughout the session to compliment the look. Think of this as a security deposit. Your headshot is a permanent still and close up of your face - you're going to want every pore and eyelash looking clean, refined and professional. 


Indoors vs. Outdoors

I shoot both! But I have thoughts. If temperatures are not ideal (too cold, too humid, raining, etc) then I don't recommend shooting outside. Ultimately, you're going to get a higher quantity and the best use of your photos by shooting indoors in a controlled environment. When you are under the lights, industry professionals will be able to better visualize what you will look like on set and in makeup. When outside, you may be dealing with wind, melty makeup, red noses, or strange characters popping up in the background. With that said, shooting outdoors may suit your personality and the conditions may be in your favor. We can always discuss this on your shoot day to determine what will be the best. If you are interested in potentially shooting outside, we will need to book a morning or early afternoon shoot. Please let me know if this is something you are interested in at the time of booking. 


Can I bring someone with me? 

Yes, however it's not something I would generally recommend. It's important that you don't feel influenced by a family member, friend or signifigant other so please make sure you are 100% comfortable with them. Bringing others into the room can potentially be overwhelming and can create unnecessary opinions and distractions. I want you to feel totally relaxed and able to communicate with the camera in an honest, open way. I work above a restaurant with full wifi, coffee, a full bar, and food vendors - your friend or family member is always welcome to hang and wait for you there as well.


But will we vibe? 

I'd like to think we will be forever friends before, during, and after the shoot. But if you'd like to chat more about any of the above, or your life in general, I offer free consultations over the phone, email, Skype, or in person!